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Useful Links For New Zealand

General Links
New Zealand Medical Association - Click For Link

Neurology Foundation Of New Zealand - Click For Link

Find A Neuro In New Zealand - Click For Link

Find A Neurosurgeon In New Zealand - Click For Link

Employment And Benefits
Support Options Auckland and Northland - Click For Link

Additional Link For Above - Click For Link

Education Help And Support
Children’s Education Support - Click For Link

Education For children With A Physical Disability Or Illness - Click For Link

Additional Link For The Above - Click For Link

Disability Actions Funding Grants - Click For Link

Grants, Scholarships And Ethical Loans - Click For Link

Public Trust Scholarships And Grants - Click For Link

Medifab Funding Options - Click For Link

Disability Scholarships: List of Bursaries & Student Financial Aid Programs - Click For Link

Social Network links

Intracranial Hypertension New Zealand Page - Click For Link

Intracranial Hypertension New Zealand Group  - Click For Link

IIH Brains Trust Facebook - Click For Link


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Disability Policy In NZ - Click For Link

Tinnitus Support Network - Click For Link